What are "mini sessions"?

A mini session is a portrait session that typically lasts about 20 minutes and is a lower investment than the classic portrait session. These sessions take place at specific time slots at a pre-determined location after which you will be able to select your favourite images from a gallery of edited images.

It’s the perfect way for new clients to get a taste of my film photography style before booking a full session or for a returning client to get a portrait 'refresh' for those who'd love to just have one or two extra prints for the wall to record littles one who grow so fast or for a small milestone in their lives.  It can even be a way for those with busy schedules to squeeze in time for some quality photos.

When and where are your next mini sessions?

I will be in the UK taking general portrait bookings between 29th July and 6th August. Mini sessions will be held at the following dates and locations;

  • London, Hampstead Heath, 30th July from 10am
  • Oxfordshire, Abbey Gardens, Abingdon, 4th August from 10am
  • Bristol, Clifton Downs Park, 5th August from 10am

How flexible are these sessions? How many people can there be? Can we add locations?
Mini-sessions are ideally for 4 persons maximum. There is a short amount of time to work with therefore it's best to keep the subject count to a minimum. If you want to include more friends, grandparents or other loved ones, or would like to use a specific location or need a longer shooting time I recommend booking one of my classic portrait sessions.

When will our gallery be available?
I will be shooting with analogue film so it takes a little longer than usual as I wait for the film to be developed and scanned to digital image by the lab. I aim to get galleries sent within 3 weeks but on some occasions it will take a little longer. Clients will receive digital images from film scans. 

How much do mini sessions cost?

Sessions are £195 and include;

20 minute session with Chen | Analogue film | Client gallery | One digital image included

Extra digital images can be purchased @ £33 per image. Package deals are available if you would like to purchase all the digital images in the gallery.

How do we reserve our session?
Sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis. All bookings require 50% deposit to secure the date/time of the session, and full payment is required 24 hrs in advance. Payment to be made via Paypal. Please fill in the form below to start your enquiry!

Have more questions?

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